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House Snoops inspection reports are completed using state-of-the-art equipment, technology and software and presented in a format that is easy to understand, thorough and well organized to help you evaluate your investment.

House Snoops reports are clear, thorough, concise and easy-to-read.

Every report from House Snoops is custom written with a focus on useful and relevant information. Not only does our report cover everything from top to bottom, inside and outside, we also give you a Room by Room section.  If something isn't right, I'll tell you why and what to do about it.  My reports include digital photos when they help explain things (especially useful for out-of-town buyers)

Every home inspection I perform and its accompanying narrative report is different and is uniquely tailored for each individual home.

It takes time to walk through and explain to a client what is in a detailed report, and it takes time to travel and write up a detailed report.  

House Snoops does not do more than two inspections a day, and rather hold it to just one, so the client always has plenty of time with the inspector and gets the report within 24 working hours.

House Snoops has found that most clients do not want a 1/2 lb. notebook full of details about housing included with their inspection report.  A lot of inspectors have a ton of inserts, it does not improve the basic inspection report, it only makes it look bigger.

Reports are normally ready the next business day following the inspection.  The summary can be delivered by e-mail, and the bound full report will be mailed.

House Snoops can Help You

Our top quality 30 plus page computer generated Report

is easy to read and includes digital photos of Deficiencies,

it will give you the most information !