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Yes, we maintain a web site, to better inform people about all of our services.  But most of our clients reach us by "word of mouth". A lot of our inspections are for satisfied clients, that are buying another home.  Many times our clients are so happy with our services that they've referred House Snoops to their friends and family that are looking to purchase a home.  A high level of client satisfaction has make these referrals possible.  We think this is the best way to grow a successful business.

Jim,  Thanks for being so nice and thorough!  It was a pleasure meeting you.   Debi Z. - Buyer - Williston, Fl  

Thanks for such a good report.  I appreciate it.   Janet C. - Buyer - Brandon, Fl.

Hi Jim,  I just wanted to Thank you for those Fantastic Inspection Reports, I am thoroughly totally impressed.  Thanks Patricia McNully - McNulty Realty in Fanning Springs, Fl.

Dear Mr. Whiteside,  Thanks for your service on the home inspection.  Thanks again.   Jeff & Christine M Buyer - Atlanta, Ga.

Thanks Jim, Great Report.   Mr. & Mrs Thomas M.  Buyer - Ft Myers, Fl.

Jim,  Thanks for doing this Job so quick.  Thanks.  Lucy T  Realtor - Lake City, Fl.

Jim,  I appreciate your services and your thorough report!  Thanks    Emily K.   Buyer - Williston, Fl.  

Mr. Whiteside,

I want to call and thank you for helping me with today's inspection.  We will be getting it closed, and I think everybody is happy now.   I appreciate your patience with dealing with both the buyer and seller present at the inspection, and thanks for having patience with me.   

Sherry Willis  Realtor Lake City, Fl.

Quick thorough, friendly, honest!.  My friends were present and confirmed this, sorry I didn't get to meet you in person.  

                                                               Thanks, Nancy - Buyer - Bradenton, Fl