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New Construction

Why Should I have a Third Party Inspect

  The Construction of My New Home ?

Mistakes and oversights are common in new home construction, even with the best of builders.  A new home is built and assembled by dozens of individual workers and groups of specialists like framers, electricians, plumbers and roofers.

Frequently, a builder may be constructing several houses simultaneously, and crews float from house to house to perform their specialty.  Sometimes, things get out of sequence, or are overlooked, forgotten, or not checked by the builder for quality assurance.

County code inspectors do a great and difficult job but are unable to be as complete as they would like, due to high demand of their skills coupled with limited time.

House Snoops will establish your home's present condition by     checking over 400 items in 36 categories for home quality.  All visible, faulty structural, and safety items as well as visibly defective workmanship will be checked and documented.

House Snoops  with over 25 years of construction and inspection experience is qualified to offer you the construction inspection service that is  designed to review all of the major structural components, finish work, and systems of a newly constructed house to ensure nothing was overlooked, and that industry standard materials and workmanship were employed throughout.

Although most builders are willing to make corrections to defects that are brought to their attention.  But if the defects are not discovered, they cannot be remedied!  Our written report will prove invaluable when you sit down with your builder to report and negotiate the repair of unsatisfactory conditions.

. . . .  So with House Snoops more than 25 years of experience, you know that when you choose House Snoops you're hiring an inspector with the Knowledge, Time, Equipment, and the Ethics to do the JOB RIGHT !

We believe you should expect nothing less !

New Construction Monitoring --

Rather than buy someone's old home, You want to have your dream home especially built for you.  House Snoops has helped numerous new home buyers protect their investment by doing independent inspection during the construction of their home.

This assures you that the home is build to your specifications, and have no hidden problems behind finished walls.House Snoops can custom these inspection to your needs, with any one or more inspection. You can chose to have the foundation Inspected, the Rough Frame Inspected, and the Final Inspection.  Or you can have any combination or all three.

Owners Draw Inspection ---- House Snoops conducts Construction Draw Inspection for individuals that have the money and don't need to go through a bank or Mortgage company.  A draw inspection report can help you be sure the home is in good condition and you are paying for service and materials actually performed . . .  not just promised.

Pre-Closing / Final Walk Through-- New Homes should be inspected prior to closing preferably a few days before of your first walk through with your builder.  The final walk through inspection is the most time consuming.  Because, most of the time the builder is still putting on finishing touches.  In this inspection we not only take the opportunity to document construction defects and safety issues, but we also document cosmetic defects on this inspection.  You made the investment, get your monies worth, let the Builder have a punch list to fix rather than you spend more money to fix them after you move in.

Builders tend to work harder on punch list and correct items when you still have control of the money, and you sign on that dotted line before closing. They also seem to respond to a punch list prepared by a third party (Independent Inspector).

Call or E-mail House Snoops to set up your final walk through Inspection.  You will receive two (2) Copies of the report, one for you and one for your builder.  Let us provide you with the PEACE of MIND you deserve.

Builder's Warranty -- It's your new home's first birthday.  As you approach the Final TWO MONTHS of your first year in your new home, you Builder's Warranty is about to expire.  This is your last chance to have any problems in your new home's construction corrected at the builder's expense.  By working with House Snoops, you can provide your builder with a thorough, written summary of any defects to be corrected while your home is still under warranty.  When you consider the investment you have made in your new home, a professional home inspection by House Snoops is a relatively inexpensive safeguard.

*Call or e-mail House Snoops to set up your final walk through or Builder Warranty Inspection.  You will receive two (2) Copies of the report, one for you and one for your builder.  This "last chance" inspection easily pays for itself in most cases.  Let us provide you with the PEACE of MIND you deserve.   Contact us for a quote today.   Your House Snoops inspector works for YOU - not the builder!