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Fair Price:

*We know our prices are not the cheapest you will find, but the cost of our quality service is only a few dollars more than the "low  price inspectors".  

Ask yourself, "Can I feel comfortable hiring someone for an inspection this important, just because they are the lowest bidder?"  Quite frankly, House Snoops don't want to be known as the cheapest, but rather the fairest and best, Home Inspector.

When you compare: our more than 25 years experience, the Knowledge, Equipment, Ethics and the amount of Time we spend in the home and on our report, you will agree that House Snoops Home Inspection is an outstanding value.

We always spend the time necessary to do the job right.  Normally we only schedule one inspection per day.  This allows us time to thoroughly inspect the home, time to speak with you about the findings, and time to go back to our office and prepare a first class report.

We are able to do this, because home inspections is our only Job,  We are not part-time, Retired and just want something to do, or employed anywhere else.  Our job is inspecting homes, we do not sale or repair homes in any way.   

REMEMBER:    The value of the inspection increases when the Inspector does not make repairs or do service to Homes ! And any Home Inspection Companies that offer to do repair work, or recommend repair companies, should be avoided.

Before you decide on an Inspection

compare the quality of the reports first.

"An ounce of Inspection is

worth  a pound of Repair"

(Price List as of Jan. 1, 2005)

Standard Pre-Purchase Inspection  Only 15 cents a Sq. Ft.    Minimum of $295.00

The home is inspected from roof to foundation, exterior to interior - Top to Bottom - Inside and Out.

Overall inspection does not cover soil, pools, wells, septic systems, building code violations or any Environmental hazards such as Lead, Radon or Mold.

Insurance Inspection (Four Point inspection)

Partial Home Inspection (only One System, Except roof)

Roof Only Inspection

Condominium  (components Only Start at $275.00)

Builder Warranty Inspection   (Start at $275.00)

Construction Progress Reports   (Start at $275.00)

Mold Inspection  




Call For Quote

Call For Quote

Call For Quote

Call For Quote

Payment is expected before or at time of Inspection.  Unless arrangements made.  A late fee of $35.00 per month will be assessed.  Clients agree to pay all attorney's fees, and costs incurred to collect any past due payments and late fees.

Cancellation Policy:  "No Shows" or Late Cancellations

(Less than 24 hours Notice) will result in a $100.00 Cancellation Fee.

Return Visits:  

If we have to return to inspection because, utilities were not on for the appointed inspection, Or because was unable to gain entry, a Re-Visit fee of

$75.00 will be assessed.

Re-Inspection Policy:

We are often asked if it would be possible to re-inspect the problem areas disclosed in the inspection, after repairs are made.  We have a minimum fee of $125.00 for this Service.  This fee covers a re-inspection of any two specific items, and does not include a written report, which is $50.00 extra.(Generally Needed for Lenders or Insurance proposes)  Additional items to be inspected cost $50.00 each.

Criteria:  A licensed contractor must perform the repair work.  the contractor must provide a receipt indicating the type and quantity of materials used, and a description of the work performed.  

The contractor must state whether or not the work is warranted, and for how long.  The contractor must state whether or not the warranty extends to the new owner.  These documents must be available before or  at the home, when we arrive for the re-inspection.


Sorry, we won't re-inspect repairs done by unlicensed contractors or amateurs.  (For your protection, you should always use Licensed Contractors)

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