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In the last year or so, the real estate business has experienced an explosion, not only in Real Estate Agents but Home Inspectors.

We would like to make you aware of reasons you should choose House Snoops for your Inspection Needs.

Who is "Jim Whiteside"?

Jim Whiteside (arguably, one of

the best Home Inspectors in the

Area).  Mr. Whiteside has garnered

over 25 years of experience in

construction and inspection trades.


House Snoops is a locally-owned company dedicated to providing high quality inspection

services to home buyers.  House Snoops has no ties with any other business and does not sell real estate  and does not perform any repair work.  You get a completely honest and objective opinion about the condition of the house.

Personal Attention

I treat the inspection as an educational process.  I encourage you to attend the inspection so

you have the best understanding of the house.  Your questions are welcome at any time during or

after the inspection.  I own the company, and I do all the inspections.  I'm the one that will go into crawlspaces, and walk on the roof, (if accessible), crawl in the attic.  This is my full-time profession and I can guarantee that I will provide you with the best possible inspection and report, because my name goes on it.

Construction Experience

Work construction as High School and College Student

1965-1966  President Student Body at Valdosta State. Listed in Who's Who

1965-1972  Georgia Insurance and Real Estate Sales

1972-1975  Founded Freedom Builders (A Home Construction Company)

1975-1991  Classic Memorials ( Owner & Manufacture of Cemetery Monuments)  

1991-1996  Housing Specialist for the Suwannee River Economic Council.

                  Worked with Ship and CDBG housing, did estimating and inspection of Hundreds of                   Homes.

1996-2001  Estimator for Giebeig Construction Co. Performed  estimations and inspections on                    Residential and Commercial Projects.

Started  House Snoops in  1999.  

Have conducted home Inspections for many Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Companies, Buyers and Sellers.  House Snoops is recommended by most of the Professional Realtors in the area.

We are pleased that many Realtors have requested House Snoops  to inspect property they are interested in buying.

"An ounce of Inspection is worth  a pound of Repair"

Imagine Having an Uncle in the Home Inspection Business!

Once you hire House Snoops, you will. Jim will spend the necessary time to thoroughly inspect your home,  and give you all the time needed to answer questions about your home at any time after the inspection.

Our Motto is...

Whether it is for the Buyer or the Seller . . .

We take the time to inspect each home thoroughly,

Just as if we were Inspecting it for

a Member of Our Own Family


An unbiased opinion free of outside influence.  Rest assured you'll get the real story about the home you're buying.  No sugar-coating of the defects to keep seller or agents happy!


Easy to understand reports.  Many home inspection reports are indecipherable.  House Snoops reports are easy to understand.  Defects are separated from information.

House Snoops reports are clear, thorough, concise and easy-to-read, and we have a Room by Room section.  Every report from House Snoops is custom written with a focus on useful and relevant information.  If something isn't right, I'll tell you why and what to do about it.  My reports include digital photos when they help explain things (especially useful for out-of-town buyers) in areas you can't get to, like the roof and the attic. You'll know exactly what needs to be fixed .

You'll understand your new home.  House Snoops inspections are educational.  If you're there, we walk you around the home and explain everything.  You'll have a chance to ask any question you wish.

House Snoops can Help You

Our Quality Report is easy to read and includes digital photos of Deficiencies,

it will give you the most information!


If you ask around, you'll find our prices reasonable.  And when you take in account the experience, time put into your inspection both at the site and on the report, and the quality of the report, you too will agree that it is a bargain!!