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So you think you have found the perfect home.  Yes, I know you love that home, but remember love is blind !  Be careful and keep your emotions contained and check out that dream home, because that new home may not be as perfect as it seems.

The purchase of  a new home may be the largest investment you ever make, and when making this important decision, EXPERIENCE  is very important.   This is not the time for your investment to provide a learning or training experience for someone that is new or inexperienced with home inspections, nor the person offering the lowest price.   

Remember the bitterness of a "cheap" home inspection will linger long after the sweetness of a bargain basement fee is forgotten!  (Most Experienced home buyers know this -- Unfortunately, only a few First Time home buyers do !)

Buying property is not an easy task.  You want to make a wise investment on the purchase of your new home.  

In any negotiation, the person with the most information will WIN !.  

With a House Snoops Inspection Report you will have the information you will need to make a wise decision.  Let House Snoops work for you, and SNOOP around that new home for you.  Never buy a home unless you have it inspected.  Failure to have your home properly inspected could cost you thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs down the road after closing.   A Home Inspection can also be used as financial leverage in negotiating the purchase price.

Deep down we all know the benefit of a GOOD home inspection, even if we don't want to pay for one.  Yes, I work very hard for my clients,  and they feel they got more than just a great report.  

After comparing reports, the service rendered and our reputation in the real estate business, we appreciate you considering House Snoops for your home inspection needs.  I hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

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